Our Story

Fernweh. It is a longing for far-off places. A deep desire to immerse yourself in a land you have never been. A yearning for a time that perhaps never was. It is a feeling we hope to impart at Yasma.

We want our dishes to inspire longing for the Levant, a region that includes Syria and Lebanon. It is our home, the place of our roots. One with a history that is as alluring as its cuisine. And it is fernweh we instilled in our friends years ago when we prepared for them a simple dinner.

We poured our hearts into the food we created that night. Delicate kibbeh kissed with the flame of charcoal. Hearty hummus that warms the soul. Sweet and savoury cherry kebab that’s homey and smoky, unfussy but rich.

We were uncertain how our friends would receive these dishes. But to our delight, they were overwhelmed by the clean, crisp flavours and beautiful presentation. They were awestruck by the amount of work that goes into even the humblest of these Levantine dishes.

Many questions came from this meal. What were the ingredients? Where did these dishes originate? What makes them so delicious? Many more of these meals, from traditional breakfasts to barbecues over charcoal, were shared with friends.

We covered many aspects of our story, each time receiving greater response and enthusiasm. We decided we must share these meals — our story — with the world.

Yasma is that story. We look forward to sharing with you what we hold dearly within us. Saha.